Chemical Facilities

I conducted chemical facility inspections of loading and unloading procedures, pre and post loading inspections, training requirements, tank car selection for specific chemicals, including their valves and other appurtenances, testing and retesting of tanks and valves, maintenance procedures, mechanical inspections, and proper innnage, outage and filling density of the liquids and gases.

This tank car was collapsed because it pulled a vacuum by not having the manway cover opening when it was being pumped from the bottom outlet valve. This accident could have caused a violent explosion if the liquid or vapor in the tank had ignited. The tank car unloader was obviously not observing the unloading which is a requirement of the regulations in Part 100 - 180 of 49 CFR.

The price of noncompliance can be death and destruction.

Auditing chemical facilities is essential for ensuring regulatory compliance. Inspecting shipping papers, tanks cars, packagings, and procedures are necessary to protect your company against violations from visiting inspectors.


A training program that addresses all of the elements of your hazardous materials safety and security operation and documenting this program is required by the regulations, and can strength or weaken claims of wrongful death or injury.

I provided hazmat training for oil company personnel who worked on and off shore in Alaska, using IATA and 49 CFR.