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Serve Clients and Associates by Conducting DOT Hazardous Material Regulatory Audits of Facilities for Tank Car Loading and Unloading operations, Developing and/or Presenting Training Programs, Tank Car Mechanical Inspections and Evaluations, Railroad Main Line and Yard Switching Operations and Safety Consulting, including Expert Witness and Assistance for Attorney Firms for defense and plaintiff actions
Feb 2008 - Present      Distribution Safety Specialist
                                    Chevron Phillips Chemical Company, LP
                                    The Woodlands, TX
* Liaison with government agencies and corporate counsel
* Classify hazardous materials to ensure regulatory compliance
* Research and monitor laws and regulations affecting the company's distribution safety and logistics efforts 
* Ensure the safe, compliant, and risk free distribution of company products
* Conduct transportation compliance audits of company facilities 
* Interact with federal and state agencies as well as enforcement personnel 
* Maintain, manage, and provide as needed, transportation regulatory compliance training 
* Provide classification determination and maintain hazardous and non-hazardous material classifications, all modes, within the company's data base (SAP) and MSDS system 
* Work with various federal and international agencies to ensure full compliance with applicable regulations including hazardous materials registration with DOT, registration of company products with MARPOL, and assignment of current, or as required request new STCC 
* Seek opportunities to improve transportation costs, reduce risk, and prepare corrective action plans
* Plan, prioritize, coordinate, and communicate activities related to the safe distribution of company products 
Oct 2002 - Present       Consultant
                                    Robertson & Associates, LLC
                                    Las Vegas, NV
Accident Investigation, Expert Testimony, DOT Hazardous Materials Regulatory Specialist, Trainer and Auditor, Liaison with Government Agencies, Rail Car Fleet Auditing and Inspections, Rail Operations Specialist
* Expert Witness on Occupational Illness Case - Toxic Tort
* Testified in U.S. District Court
* Testified in Depositions
* Served as an expert on a Railroad Commodity Liability Case
* Served as an expert on a railroad injury cases
* Wrote Technical Reports of findings for legal evaluation
* Evaluated railroad illness, death, and injury cases for attorney firms
* Served as Hazardous Materials Consultant to Automotive Company
* Ecospeakers - San Jose, CA
* Who's Who in the United States
* Who's who in the World
Jul 2001 - Oct 2002     Hazardous Materials Safety Specialist
                                    US DOT - Federal Railroad Administration
                                    Vancouver, WA
Managed a regional hazardous material transportation program for 8 northwestern states, served as regional expert in hazardous materials matters, developing training seminars for regional staff of federal and state inspectors, managed a training budget, conducted joint operations for State Directors, Regional Administrators, Staff Director, Transport Canada and inspectors, reviewed technical reports on inspections, audits, investigations, and hazardous materials incidents, conducted liaison with senior management in railroad, chemical and car building industries, wrote annual regional inspection plan and assist inspectors in developing goals and objectives consistent with the national and regional plans, conducted evaluation job performance of inspectors, and assisted other federal, state and local governments to understand the transportation of hazardous materials through the region and worked cooperatively to enhance safety and health of workers and public, assigned or investigated citizen, labor or Congressional Complaints, served as a liaison with labor representatives
* Assisted inspectors in 8-state region to evaluate literally hundreds
   of hazardous materials incidents, involving leaking tank cars of
   hazardous materials in railroad yards, requiring the inspections of
   thousands of tank cars for proper securement, marking, periodic
   retesting, mechanical maintenance, and placarding
* Planned Interagency Inspections and audits for Hazardous Materials and safety/Security Issues
* Worked on Winter Olympics issues for Salt Lake City Olympics on rail hazmat safety and security operations of hazardous materials being transported through the city
* Assisted Inspectors in writing recommendations for civil prosecution
* Assisted Inspectors in organizing/conducting Transborder
   Inspections with local, state, provincial, and government inspectors
   at Canadian Border
* Assisted in Cross Training of other federal inspectors in hazardous
   materials disciplines, including inspectors from other agencies, such
   as FAA, FMCSA, OIG, FBI ODOT, OSHA, EPA, Customs, US Coast
   Guard, etc.
* Served as Regional Civil Rights and EEO Counselor
* Associate to Oregon Federal Executive Board (OFEB) worked on
   interagency issues, such as energy conservation, water usage and
   drought issues, personnel management
                                  * Loaned Executive to Combined Federal Campaign
                                  * Planned and conducted inspections and a public meeting on a
                                     high level security/safety movement of 4.6 million pounds of
                                     explosives with Oregon & Washington Fire Marshall, Fire Chiefs, ATF,
                                     FMCSA, WUTC, Labor & Industries, planners and emergency
                                     managers, government agencies, carriers, and contractors
Apr 1993 - Jul 2001     Hazardous Materials Safety Inspector
                                    USDOT- Federal Railroad Administration
                                    Vancouver, WA
Conducted inspections in hazardous materials, operating practices, and motive power and equipment disciplines, chemical operations, railroad tank car switching, freight/tank car repair, and/or testing companies, including proper shipping descriptions of hazmat on paper work, proper procedures for loading/unloading tank cars, inspection of freight cars, especially for compliance with the safety appliance and freight car safety standards, tank and valve retesting, marking, Placarding, stenciling, accident investigation, hazmat incident investigation, training carrier, chemical industry, labor and public groups in transportation hazmat safety, presented training seminars, symposia and conferences, working cooperatively with other government agencies to conduct inspections of hazardous materials
* Served as agency Liaison at Highly Visibility Leaking Propane Tank car in Billings, Montana by working with industry and carrier experts to oversee the transfer of the lading and transport the defective tank car
* Received Superior Achievement Award for Action to Prevent Injury at a Chemical Incident
* Conducted Accident Investigations as Inspector in Charge at High Visibility Accidents
 * Inspected thousands of hazardous materials tank cars in railroad yards and in chemical plants for compliance with the requirements for proper securement of the lading, periodic valve and tank retesting, mechanical maintenance, marking and placarding
* Conducted hundreds of hazardous materials incident investigations to determine cause for leaks in railroad yards
* Conducted a locomotive inspection upon request of regional administrator regarding a union complaint in absence of MP&E Specialist and Inspector
                                  * Received an Award for my action and follow up with senior carrier
                                     management to provide for improved inspections and training
                                     at large shop facilities
* Planned and conducted a Multi-Agency Task Force Assessment with other local, state, federal agencies and Transport Canada on hazmat safety and security at west coast ports
* Received an award for the planning of the joint hazardous materials agency initiative with other agencies and Transport Canada
* Served as Acting Regional Administrator and received an award for handling of the national mayors' conference held in Boise, ID and a multi-train accident
* Developed statistics and identified a major safety flaw in vertical restraint couplers in the U.S., which included private rail car shop inspections in Wyoming and California and received an award
* Served as Acting Hazardous Materials Staff Director during the absence of the hazmat specialists at headquarters, where I acted as advisor to Office of Chief Counsel on hazmat issues, liaison with chemical industry, carriers, and NTSB etc.
* Served in Accident Reports Section at headquarters, where I acted as a liaison on national accidents
* Served in Hazardous Materials Section at headquarters to assist them with projects, such as analyzing hazardous material incidents and developing an advanced hazardous material training program for inspectors
* Conducted Crossing Accident Investigations and Operation Life Saver Presentations to School Bus Drivers, Commercial vehicle drivers, driver education classes, and school children from primary to high school on crossing and trespasser safety issues and received an award
* Participated with a national inspection and data collection on the mechanical and operating concerns with intermodal safety for future regulations and received an award
* Participated with a national team to develop a training program for hazardous materials inspectors and received an award
* Assisted headquarters staff in developing an advanced hazardous materials training program for inspectors
* Served as an Associate to the Oregon Federal Executive Board
* Served as a Loaned Executive to the Combined Federal Campaign with United Way where federal workers raised $1.6M for charity, a record in giving (2001)
* Served as a Civil Rights and EEO Counselor for an 8 state region
Nov 1991 - Apr 1993   Hazardous Materials Inspector
                                    USDOT-Federal Railroad Administration
                                    Fort Worth, TX
Conducted inspections of chemical facilities, carriers, freight car builders, valve and tank testing operations, accident and hazmat incident investigation, trained Texas Railroad Commission Inspectors and DOT/FRA Inspectors, conducted inspections at intermodal terminals and UPS Regional Centers, conducted training programs for the United Transportation Union (UTU), Oil refineries, and chemical plants in a five state region, and wrote recommendations for civil prosecution
* Conducted High Visibility Investigation of Defective tank car barrels which resulted in the issuance of EO-16 and EO-17
* Conducted Presentations for several annual plant managers meetings at Delta Chemicals in Longview, TX
* Identified Defective Vertical Restraint Couplers in hazardous materials service after my initial work resulted in the Association of American Railroads (AAR) placing a special notice in their Field Manual
  * Conducted hazardous materials incident investigations involving leaking tank cars for cause
  * Conducted hazardous materials regulatory tank cars inspections for hundreds of tank cars for proper securement of lading, periodic retest of tanks and safety relief valves, mechanical maintenance, marking and placarding in railroad yards
Apr 1989 - Nov 1991   Safety Consultant
                                    Robertson Transportation Services
                                    Charleston, WV
Served as an expert witness, safety consultant and accident investigations for FELA issues involving railroad employee fatalities
* Traveled to Peoples Republic of China with an international safety and health delegation, lecturing at universities, government professional associations, and industries throughout China (1989)
* Developed a chemical safety risk management program for a chemical company to audit class I railroads for a major chemical company and conducted meetings with corporate senior management of carriers and inspections of system programs, followed by field inspections to ensure compliance with best operating and safety practices, and applicable association and federal rules and regulations
* Conducted field accident investigation of a wrongful death, was deposed by defendant and settled out of court
Jun 1980 - Apr 1989    Hazardous Materials Inspector
                                    USDOT-Federal Railroad Administration
                                    Charleston, WV
Conducted hazardous materials inspections and investigations of chemical facilities, carriers, freight car repair shops and testing facilities for safety devices, crossing, death, and train accident investigations, hazardous materials incident investigations, operating practices and motive power and equipment inspections and investigations, audits and assessments of passenger and freight railroads
* Conducted Annual Tank Car Survey in Pennsylvania and West Virginia for identifying mechanical defects in DOT specification tank cars for mechanical maintenance, periodic retest, marking and placarding, and securement of the lading of thousands of tank cars
* Developed and presented the first chemical industry/railway safety symposium on Campus of West Virginia State, which was the predecessor to the Bureau of Explosives Seminars (1985)
* Assisted Marshall University in several national safety conferences as a speaker and exhibitor on railroad safety issues.
* Identified serious national safety concern with the mechanical stability of vertical restraint couplers which were equipped with a welded top shelf, follow up included the AAR placing a reference in their Field Manual to replace the welded couplers (1985)
* Speaker at the First International Conference of the Mechanical Training Officers Association in Louisville, KY (1987)
* Interviewed by Marcia Salter of ABC Wide World News Tonight in a three part series on individually initiatives in environmental safety and health (1985)
* Identified a serious operational and training concern with a major chemical company and assisted them in developing a corporate communication and quality program to deal with the issues
* Participated on system safety audits of the National Railroad Passenger Corporation (ATK) on operating practices and dispatcher auditing
* Served as Team Leader on the Burlington Northern Railroad Company Regional Dispatchers Audit after a series of fatal collisions
* Served as an operating practices auditor on the Southeastern Transportation Authority (SEPTA) in Philadelphia
* Served as a hazardous materials auditor on the Consolidated Rail Corporation (CONRAIL) system safety audit (1987)
* Served as a hazardous materials auditor on the Norfolk & Western Railway N&W) system safety assessment (1987)
* Served as an Auditor for the National Train Dispatchers Assessment
* Served as an Auditor of mechanical survey of maintenance of way cars on the CSX Transportation, Inc.
* Received Commendation from Governor Arch Moore of West Virginia for bringing a national chemical safety conference to the state
*  Trained State Inspectors from Maryland, Virginia, and West Virginia in operating practices, motive power and equipment and hazardous materials safety
Dec 1970 - May 1980 Telegrapher/Agent/Dispatcher
                                    Canadian Pacific Ltd.
                                    Saint John, NB Canada
Served as Telegrapher/Agent, acting as a liaison for dispatcher with train, maintenance of way, and engine crews, operating freight and passenger stations, collecting revenues, managing land and buildings, preparing accounting reports, ordering freight cars, working with shippers to weigh bill their freight and route it properly to destination, order freight cars for loading, preparing switching instructions for crews, managing clerical staff, and preparing payroll
Served as Train Dispatcher supervising train and equipment movements over the division, reporting performance to senior management at division and region
Supervised and prepared documentation for U.S. and Canada Customs operations
Oct 1966 - Dec 1970   Telegrapher/Agent/Bridges & Buildings Painter
                                    Bangor and Aroostook Railroad Company
                                    Hermon, ME
Served as Telegrapher/Agent, acting as a liaison for dispatcher with train, maintenance of way, and engine crews, operating freight and passenger stations, collecting revenues, managing land and buildings, preparing accounting reports, ordering freight cars, working with shippers to weigh bill their freight and route it properly to destination, order freight cars for loading, preparing switching instructions for crews, managing clerical staff, and preparing payroll
* Received a Commendation from H.P. Lee, Superintendent of Transportation for acts at a fire which resulted in removal of several loaded freight cars from a burning building
* Managed high volume stations at seaport terminal and large newsprint paper operations
* Qualified on Maine Central Railroad Operations for working joint agency in Hermon, Maine
* Prepared export papers as Forwarding Agent for small shippers of logs to Quebec
* Worked as Bridges & Buildings Painter before transitioning to CP Rail
Jun 1980 - Oct 2002    Transportation Safety Institute (TSI)
                                    Oklahoma City, OK & Other Locations
* Hazardous Materials Safety at entry, Advanced, and re-currency
* Freight Car Safety Standards
* Accident Investigation
* Operating Practices
* Associate Faculty
Mar 1985 - Dec 1986   Marshall University
                                    Huntington, WV
M.S. Safety Management
With concentration in hazardous materials transportation
GPA: 3.69
Who's Who in American's Universities & Colleges 1986-87
Aug 1980 - May 1982 West Virginia State
                                    Institute, WV
B.S. in Business Administration
with concentrations in management and marketing
GPA: 3.10
Dean's List
Jan 1975 - May 1980   University of Maine
                                    Orono, ME
Majoring in Business Administration
Concentrations in management and marketing
GPA: 2.98
Dean's List
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