Robertson & Associates, LLC is railroad and distribution services safety consulting company, serving law firms, government agencies, technical and public service associations and industries, who are seeking a subject matter expert with an intimate knowledge of railroad, facility and intermodal operations.



It is necessary to contact a railroad safety expert when accidents, illness, injuries or environmental damage occur that result from rail incidents.

Joel Robertson has over 40-years of experience working supply chain safety with nearly 20-years with the United States Department of Transportation (DOT) - Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) as a railroad safety inspector and regional program manager.

Robertson consulted for attorney firms on both defense and plaintiff matters concerning freight claims, accidental death, injury and occupational illness cases related to rail transportation, involving locomotive and freight car maintenance, engineering, operating, highway-rail grade crossing and hazardous materials transportation issues. Robertson has also consulted for the chemical manufacturing, an off shore oil  company, a paper manufacturing company, city-government, and automotive industry.

Prior to government service with the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA), Robertson worked in the engineering, transportation and operating departments of the railroad industry.  At FRA, he worked with the hazardous materials regulations 49 CFR Parts 100 - 185 with emphasis on tank car operations-maintenance, mechanical design and regulatory compliance.   Robertson also worked frequently in operating-safety practices, accident-incident investigations involving motive power and equipment inspections-assessments for freight rail and passenger operations.

Robertson conducted safety training for school bus drivers, driver education classes, and school age children concerning the hazards of trains at railroad crossings and trespassers on or adjacent to railroad property, as an Operation Life Saver Presenter.  He has also investigated crossing accidents for cause.

Robertson monitored rail carrier supervisors in all disciplines, as they conducted operational testing of their employees, as required by the federal regulations.

Robertson was graduated from Marshall University's College of Education with a Master of Science Degree in Safety Management with a concentration in rail safety. He also attended the University of Maine and was graduated from West Virginia State University with a Bachelor of Science Degree.

Robertson conducted inspections at chemical facilities in three (3) FRA Regions from New York to California, including rail, highway and air carriers, container manufacturers, repair/testing facilities, intermodal terminal and port operations.

Robertson worked closely with many other government agencies, served for a year as an Associate and Loaned Executive on the Oregon Federal Executive Board, and organized an national interagency hazardous materials strike force operation for the northwest west coast ports Pre-911. He also was instrumental in facilitating the movement of 1.4 million pounds of explosives by rail, highway and barge from Wyoming to Alaska following 9-11 in a highly sensitive political environment.  Robertson was also involved in the safe movement of the first stage rocket booster for the Athena Communications Satalite involving NASA and Morton Thikol from Utah to Kodiak Island, Alaska.

He is especially experienced in the mechanics and federal requirements for tank cars and their accident failure dynamics.  He organized and conducted tank car assessments in West Virginia, which were cooperative efforts with the railroads and the chemical industry to improve mutual understanding of maintenance and operating practices and the over all condition of the equipment.

While in West Virginia, he organized and conducted the first joint Chemical Industry/Railway Safety Symposium, held on the campus of West Virginia State in 1985, which called for the sharing of safety practices amongst industry, labor, academics, political and community leaders.  For Mr. Robertson's service to the State of West Virginia he received a commendation from the Governor.

While Robertson was with the DOT-FRA, he conducted training in chemical loading and unloading procedures, pre-loading and post-loading inspections and especially those involving mechanical equipment of tank cars and other freight car equipment.

After leaving the DOT-FRA in 1989, he served as Union Carbide's rail safety consultant and developed for them, a trade marked chemical transportation risk assessment program for auditing class I railroads called "SAFE RAIL." This program was modeled after Chemical Manufacturers Association's (CMA) Responsible Care Initiative.